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Desktop app = no more limitations !

Because it's a webapp, has several technical and copyright limitations (no harddrive access, no mix download, must be online...). That's why we made PartyCloud Desktop which brings additional features! PartyCloud Desktop is the same DJ mixer than but it is a desktop software you install on your computer.

Mix your mp3 files

With PartyCloud Desktop, you can mix any MP3 from your hard drive thanks to
the built-in file explorer. You are no more limited by the online music catalog.

Download your mix

With PartyCloud Desktop, you can now record and save your mixes on your
hard drive as audio files! You can then share your mix on the web.

All Soundcloud analyzed

With PartyCloud Desktop, all Soundcloud songs are analyzed in realtime thanks to its internal analyzer! This means you finally can use the beatsync with all songs.

Use it offline

You can use PartyCloud Desktop offline since it is a desktop application. For your parties, no more worries about your internet connection.

 Detailed list of features :
  • offline desktop app for PC/Mac
  • dual DJ mp3 players with mixer
  • super fun and easy-to-use interface
  • file explorer to browse your hard drive
  • amazingly accurate BEATSYNC engine
  • Soundcloud access via search feature
  • mix recording and saving

  • automix playlist
  • low latency vinyl scratch
  • internal BPM analyzer built-in!
  • realtime BPM control without altering the tone
  • remixing tools : seamless loop and seek / audio FX
  • cutting-edge auto volume / crisp waveforms
  • headphone cueing (with Y-splitter)
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User feedback
"Shocking how easy they make this! a complete newbie can mix perfectly" - Google Store

"Holy shit this is fun. I'm terrible at mixing but it still makes me feel awesome" - Reddit

"Wow this is so amazing! I can use this for party! I'm now a DJ" - Google Store

"Such a simple interface, yet is a very powerful app" - Google Store

"Super fun and highly addictive" - DigitalDJTips


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